With our flexible membership plans, you can choose the option that is right for your business. You can choose from any of the following Membership packages for your business.
Flexible Membership- Our flexible membership plan let you enjoy the facilities of a private office suite in a shared environment on a weekly basis. With this weekly membership, you will get desk with locker facility in an enclosed and quiet room.

Co-working Membership- With the co-working membership, you will get access to the co-working space area. We have both monthly and weekly co-working packages for you to choose from.

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Main Features

Pay As Per Your Budget

We have options for different budgets with our membership plans.

Get a High-speed internet for your business needs while you work on your desk and chair.

You get staffed reception, access to kitchen area and discounted rate for meeting/conference room booking.

Other Amenities

Super-fast Internet

Generator Backup

Front Desk Service