The Perfect Choice for Shared Offices in Dhaka

Building Technology and Ideas Limited (bti) has a project called The Business Center that offers distinctive solutions to the evolving demands for office space. A Shared Office provides you with the mobility and flexibility you want with short-term rental agreements and customised solutions for your ever-changing business demands. If you need a table by the hour or a full-fledged office setup, The Business Center can cater to all your needs.

Why is TBC The Perfect Choice for Shared Offices in Dhaka?


1- Convenient Location:

Business hubs are built in the most important and busiest locations in almost every city in the world. For example, the World Trade Center was built in New York, and Canary Wharf in London. From the same perspective, Gulshan was built and is considered the business and commercial hub of Dhaka. It is one of the most elite and developed areas of this capital city as well. It is a premium address for postal services and offices. Having an office in such a prestigious and elite neighbourhood can help you grow your business far better than ever before.


2- Fully- Furnished & Equipped with High Connectivity:

In The Business Center, you will find all the fixtures and technology you need for a professional setting. For example, desks, uninterruptible power, wifi, furniture, printers, refreshments, and many other facilities needed for professional business are available. While you work at your desk, high-speed internet access will be available for your business needs. Modern networking features are also present to facilitate virtual conferences. Start-ups and business owners that struggle to afford a traditional office may simply use this completely furnished, well-equipped, and highly connected workplace, which will be incredibly flexible for them.


3-Compliance and Safety:

The Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) governs the specifics of building construction and upholds the industry standard. The structure complies with all applicable codes, including BNBC, ACI, and others. One of the most crucial characteristics of a top-notch business facility is its safety. Considering this, TBC has very effective and modern fire safety features which can keep it well protected from fire. Moreover, the building was built with earthquake-resistant capability, which further secures the place. It also has trained security personnel to secure the building.


4-Cost-effective Premises & Amenities:

It is very important to do a cost-effective analysis before starting any business. Considering the amenities given by TBC is certainly a very cost-effective place to do your business. Prayer rooms, a smoking zone, parking, personal lockers, and trained staff are available. Here, you can reserve a meeting or conference room at a discounted price and have access to the kitchen. Along with all of these, it also provides you with intercoms, tea and coffee supplies, and a really fast internet connection.

The amenities and opportunities that you might get from TBC, including all the facilities of a serviced office, can help you to grow your business. The location, well-furnished office, and business-friendly environment can open a new window for your business development. Start-ups and business owners struggling to afford a traditional office can simply utilize our offices, which are more adaptable and practical options for them. TBC welcomes you into a new business world.