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Top 5 Coworking Space Trends to Watch Out For

The coworking space industry is enjoying a modest rise despite a harsh setback due to Covid-19 last year. Commercial real estate experts believe that the total valuation of the industry can equate to more than 11.52 billion USD in 2023, with more people ditching traditional office spaces and hours. The Great Resignation wave has resonated among continents. People are striving for work-life balance like never before, and the rise of remote work, freelancing, and entrepreneurship have gotten companies to re-evaluate flexible hours and employee benefits. One thing is for sure, no one wants a traditional workspace anymore where you have to grind into work for hours and hours. Coworking spaces offer not only flexibility in hours and services, but they also allow companies to focus more on building a business by nurturing better relationships with employees, instead of building a gloomy workspace. Therefore, if you are jumping into the bandwagon of coworking spaces, you might want to follow some of these trends to stay ahead of your competition!


Installing Spaces for Community Building

Coworking spaces are no fun without networking and building new relationships with other businesses and individuals. A space where people can rest from work a bit and lounge around is very necessary. These spaces can also become hubs for collaboration later on, because they would forge new connections with people you are already more comfortable with. It is also good for the mental health of employees, as isolated work can get to them very negatively. Community building in a coworking space can be improved by introducing meditation corners, social or festive event rooms, gym activity spaces, etc. 


Automation in Coworking Spaces

The difference between traditional workplaces and coworking spaces is simple – coworking spaces have smart, dynamic solutions such as modern devices to make work more comfortable and efficient. For example, The Business Center has everything you need for a comfortable approach to work – high speed internet access, intercom facilities, overhead projector, print/copy/scan facilities, PA and video conferencing system, generator backup, and more. 


Coworking Spaces for Hybrid Work

The pandemic has really changed the game of the traditional workplace. More and more business leaders are offering hybrid work schedules. It saves costs, time, and also helps increase productivity and overall happiness of employees. Hybrid work schedules can be successfully maintained by choosing coworking spaces where employees can work remotely in a very flexible manner. The Business Center offers all that one will need to manage hybrid-working employees. We have fully serviced office spaces that you can lease long or short-term. You can also customize and share the workspace if you want!


Eco-friendly Coworking Environments

Who does not love a potted plant here and there? As more people are conscious about leaving a carbon footprint, companies and businesses are thinking sustainably as well. Nature-integrated designs in coworking spaces not only make the space look amazing but it also refreshes the minds and moods of employees working so hard. Reduced use of plastic, paper-free work procedures, and keeping a number of flowering plants are a few ways of making the coworking spaces more ‘green’. Use items that can be reused and recycled from time to time. Coworking spaces should also be bright and airy so that employees feel more relaxed if they want to stay ahead in this trend of going green.


Wellbeing-centric Workspaces

Employee wellbeing is top priority for many companies as it should be. One way to ensure that they are not stressed in the workplace is by offering ergonomic furniture. This will ensure their safety and health for sure. Workspaces should have an open-air design concept and not be cramped. More and more coworking spaces are joining the trend of providing teleconferencing spaces or collaboration spaces with upgraded systems of air quality and temperature. Luckily, The Business Center is also ahead in this game as our conference rooms are fully prepped for collaboration with the wellbeing of employees in mind.

Are you impressed with The Business Center leading the coworking space industry? If you too want to avail a coworking space, we have it all. From virtual workstations to full on manager’s suites, we have a wide range of spaces that cater to all kinds of working needs. Visit our website for more details!