Traditional Office Space vs Serviced Office

While we are accustomed to having the traditional office space for our business, there are some downsides towards this approach which makes the option of a serviced office a better choice. Let us find out more about these two.

You may rent a traditional workspace, however, to transform it in a professional setup will require a good amount of hard work. On a starting basis, you need a designer or architect for the whole place. You also need multiple construction crews to build up the whole setup that you need. This would require multiple meetings and a lot more hassles. On the other hand, a serviced office is already on the move. If you like the overall setup, you just move in with your business essentials.

The commercial place owner may require you to take the lease for the traditional office for 5-10 years. Even for your business, you may not require that much time. It also limits your flexibility to move into other places. In the case of a serviced office, you just rent it on a short term commitment, maybe 6 months or 12 months. This gives you complete freedom to rethink your business choices.

For a traditional office space, you also need to hire a set of support staff, including- office manager, IT staff, receptionist etc. This hiring process may become a troublesome work for you as well; you cannot focus fully on your own business. In the case of a serviced office, there is an on-site management team who are there to take care all of your office management related works, be it reception duties or other administrative support that you require.

IT is an integral part of today’s business, and this work is not without hassle as well. You need to think about the internet cable, routers, and other items as well. With a serviced office, you are able to enjoy a readymade technology infrastructure that includes the Internet, routers, printers as you require.

With the number of options that a serviced office provides over a traditional workspace makes it a favourable choice for many.