Business Opportunities at TBC

Young graduates from universities dream to be like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma and such other legends who brought about revolutionary changes in the tech and the business world. As the students complete MBA or any other program, many of them look for jobs as beginners. However, without having a desired job they also start their own businesses. But finding a state-of-the-art serviced office with lots of amenities in a business-friendly environment may seem tough to manage. Many established businesses also look for such fully fledged serviced offices for various business purposes. The Business Center (TBC) at bti Celebration Point, Gulshan, offers various suites of serviced offices with attractive features and opportunities to meet your office needs. See the business opportunities awaiting you at TBC.

Starting a New Business :

If you are starting a new business, you need an appropriate environment recharged with business activities. At TBC you will get such an environment in the Start-up Suite that has 1 entrepreneur desk with chair, 2-3 staff desk with chair and other facilities.

Working with Privacy :

If you want to work with privacy for long hours, at TBC we have Private Workstation with private desk and chair, locker with desk and other facilities. We also have Self-office Suite containing 1 desk with chair for the privacy and confidentiality of your business along with other facilities.

Flourishing Enterprise :

You might have started a new company or enterprise, and now you need to expand it. You are in need of more office space. We have Business Suite with seating capacity to accommodate your growing team. Our 225 sq ft suite helps developing companies flourish in terms of space and working environment. Here you will get 1 manager-desk and chair, 5-6 staff desk and chair, room services and other facilities.

Managing Your Business :

If you are a country manager or a regional manager of a company, you can choose our Manager’s Suite. Here you will get a desk and a chair to do office work and two chairs for guests. Here you will also get other facilities that will help you manage your business with ease.

Thriving as an Executive :

If you are an executive, you have senior managerial responsibility to execute with other business partners side by side in the same office. TBC offers Executive Suite to meet your such office needs.  Here executives will get 2-3 desks and chairs. Being under the same ceiling is very helpful for executives of sister-organizations to work quickly in a more organized way.

Expanding Your Business Activities :

Expanding business operation is a common phenomenon for corporate houses. But getting a sophisticated space for expanding office may be a tough matter as it requires more investment, time and effort. TBC offers 315 sq ft Corporate Suite with a set of facilities to this end. You can customize the seating arrangements according to your requirement. In its compact set-up, you have one manager desk and chair for manager, and 6-8 staff-desks and chairs for your employees.

Benefits of Virtual Office :

You may not need a physical office space to operate your business, but you need a virtual one through which your clients and the others can contact you and stay connected. TBC offers you Virtual Office on rent by allowing you to use TBC address-bti Celebration Point, Gulshan, as your professional address based on specific membership plan. You will get other facilities like mail and parcel handling, and call answering. TBC Virtual Office can be a big opportunity for you.

Working as a Team :

If you want to work with others as a team, we have Co-working area for you. You can choose a permanent desk or a new desk each day. In this lavish lounge you can enjoy the benefit of a full-time office. If you need a desk for some hours or for a full working day, you will get it here. You have to only pay for the number of desks you use. You can bring your friends and guests for a cup of coffee, tea, biscuit/cookies here. The shared and collaborative environment of our Co-working area gives you the scope to make networks with the others.

Holding Conferences, Meetings & Training :

Whatever suite you use to serve your purpose, you may need to hold conferences and meetings. We have Conference Room and Meeting Room where you can hold corporate meetings, brainstorming sessions, client pitches and presentations. With a seating capacity for 14 people, overhead projector, PA system and video conferencing facilities, this Conference Room can be a useful space to exercise your relevant business activities. The cozy Meeting Room has a capacity for four people for group discussion or official meeting. Our Training Hall has a seating capacity for 120 people at a time. Here you can arrange corporate summit, learning session, contest, launching event and trade show. You can avail these opportunities on our terms as you book any suite or serviced office.

Other Opportunities :

You will get some common opportunities or amenities in all types of suites at TBC, i.e. high-speed internet, intercom and pantry. Except these, you will also enjoy some of the following amenities for different terms based on which suite you have booked. Such amenities are Conference Room, Meeting Room, TBC address, Trade License address, Front desk support, Nameplate in Index box, Locker, File Cabinet, Storage, etc.

The Business Center (TBC) offers diversity in its serviced offices to entertain your business purposes. At TBC, you will enjoy operating your business smoothly, having the unparalleled services and all the support dedicated to our customers. The office environment and amenities at TBC have truly created ample opportunities conducive to your business growth.