Exploring Entrepreneurship in Serviced Office of TBC

Entrepreneurship means setting up a business taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. Business opportunities at The Business Center (TBC) encourage entrepreneurship on a grand scale. Our serviced office offers short and long-term rental facility, virtual office facility, reception desk, meeting room, mingling room, conference room, office management services, well-trained staff, flexibility of shifting office, and custom solutions to office space requirements with cost-effective solutions. So, if you have been looking for a dynamic work environment to start and operate your business, TBC can be the right choice. Let us look into the details of how you can explore entrepreneurship with gusto in the various serviced offices at TBC.

Start-up Suite:
Starting a new business needs time and effort for office management. Many entrepreneurs fail to concentrate in their business, as they struggle to find proper office space and manage relevant services. For such entrepreneurs, we have the Start-up Suite. This 115 SQ FT suite gives you the opportunity to work with 2 or 3 members, having various features for different durations, i.e. one entrepreneur desk with chair, 2-3 staff desk with chair, front desk support, nameplate in index box, meeting room use, TBC address use, trade license address use, pantry, and intercom facilities.

Self-office Suite:
If you are a freelancer or self-employed and want a personal space to work in privacy, the Self- office suite of TBC can be a befitting office space for you. This office suite is protected by glass walls to ensure full privacy and confidentiality of your business. You will get facilities for different durations, e.g. front desk support, nameplate in index box, one desk with chair in private enclosed suite, locker with desk, meeting room use, TBC address use, trade license, pantry, and WiFi.

Private Work Station:
For those who love an enclosed area for privacy, then our Private Work Station can be a good option. Freelancers who need to work for long hours in a serene environment will get facilities like private desk with chair, locker with desk, high speed internet, and intercom facilities.

Co-working Desk:
In the lavish lounge of our coworking zone, entrepreneurs and freelancers can work with laptops and enjoy Wi-Fi access while talking over a cup of coffee. You can enjoy a full-time office environment though you are paying only for the number of desks you use. Whether you want to
have a permanent desk or to sit at a new desk each day, we have both settings and options for you. At TBC we have separate seats and locker facilities for our members who can enjoy tea, coffee, and snacks with their friends and guests.

Virtual Office:
As an entrepreneur you might be working from home without any particular business address, but you need an address as a priority for your business activities. Renting a space may seem expensive to entrepreneurs with low capitals. To resolve this problem, TBC offers virtual office
that allows you to use the prestigious TBC address- bti Celebration Point, Gulshan, besides facilities such as mail delivery, parcel handling, and telephone answering.

While operating your business here, you may want to incorporate any other strategic business unit in your business or you may need to work jointly with other business organizations. For business or office purposes, you may need to use our Seminar Hall on the same floor. If you
want to arrange a training session for your employees, you can use our Training Hall by booking for a specific time. Even as an entrepreneur or a freelancer you can work side by side with any big business organization or professionals. We surely have that environment to inspire you. We
have Executive Suite, Manager’s Suite, Business Suite and Corporate Suite spaces that are currently in use by some companies such as USAID/Chemonics International Inc., Monty Mobile International Private Ltd., and Bangla Sun Solar Energy Ltd.

You will get an exclusive business and office environment at TBC. We welcome all the promising entrepreneurs and freelancers to TBC, the place to add excellence and grandeur to your business and office environment.