Co-working space – A trend on the rise

One of the most buzzing phrases we have heard in 2019 is a “co-working space”. A shared office space used by a number of professionals for various purposes can be termed as a co-working space. The business world is growing at a fast pace and there are a huge number of young entrepreneurs and freelancers who have to work from home or from a coffee shop at their initial stages of career. A co-working space has emerged as a rescue for these professionals. Not only do these places offer people a place to work, but these also help in establishing a better network and connection for them.

The last few years were a budding time for the co-working spaces. Some radical changes are being seen among the mindsets of the people about sharing a common office space for specific purposes. One of the major reasons behind this change is that the newbie entrepreneurs of today do not have to scratch their heads out to find a place to start their business. The co-working spaces offer a specific place where people can work individually or even with a group. A number of facilities and privileges are also offered with the service which makes the lives of these working people even easier. However, a very vital reason for the people to choose co-working spaces is the opportunity to bond and communicate with a number of other professionals from various sectors. This definitely provides them with additional business opportunities. Besides, interacting with different creative and innovative minds also help them in bringing new ideas into their businesses. Shared ideas and experiences open up new doors of possibilities for all the people.

The idea of a co-working space is getting more and more trendy as the days pass. Researches have shown that almost 19000 co-working spaces have opened up all over the world until 2019 and that there are more than 3 million people who have opted to work in these co-working areas. These shared offices are made as much flexible as possible for the sake of the people working within and this is also one of the reasons behind its popularity.

The trend of a co-working space is also making its way in Bangladesh just like in other countries. The numbers of startups are increasing very rapidly in the country and so is the demand for shared offices. These places are generally very cost-effective which makes these more lucrative to the startup companies or young entrepreneurs. The availability of attractive facilities with a serene place to work along with the possibility of networking with a lot of other creative minds has increased the demands for a co-working zone in Bangladesh.

However, it is not all the co-working spaces that you should opt for. There are, indeed, some basic criteria which you would have to look for when you choose the place to work. First of all, a good co-working space must have all kinds of rooms for all kinds of business purposes. Only individual seats or rooms might not suffice when you would need to plan a meeting or a presentation. A stable internet connection is also a must and along with that the accessibility of the basic facilities like printer, scanner, photocopier, projector, etc. Last but not least; you cannot work all day without any kind of refreshment. The ideal co-working zone must have availability to tea/coffee, snacks etc.

The Business Center is such a co-working space in Dhaka which is situated at bti Celebration Point in Gulshan, 2. Like any other idyllic co-working space, The Business Center offers an excellent working environment with all kinds of necessary amenities along with opportunities to bond and interact with many other professionals working at the place.

As the lifestyles of the people are changing, the working styles are experiencing major transformations as well. The trend of a co-working space has brought along a lot of solutions for aspiring professionals of today’s age and that is why it can be said that this trend is here to stay.