X Factors Boosting Productivity in a Shared Office Space

A shared office space has become one of the hottest trends going on in today’s world. Frequently known as a co-working zone, a shared office can help in increasing the productivity of the professionals. A recent study has found out that there are a huge number of professionals whose productivity has increased 74% after they have joined a shared office space. Today, we will talk about some vital factors which act as catalysts in boosting the productivity of the people working in such places-


The atmosphere of the shared office should be as such that the workers working within do not face any sort of trouble or discomfort. The lighting and temperature of the rooms can play a vital role in this regard. There should be ample light in the working zone and at the same time the temperature should be as such that the professionals do not feel any sort of uneasiness. If there is a lot of noise, it can also prove to be a cause for distraction for them. A shared office space should also have an aesthetic vibe to it allowing the people inside it to feel good while they are working.

Flexibility of location and hours

The co-working spaces are vastly used by freelancers, entrepreneurs and people working in the creative sector. It is a proven fact for many of these professionals that their productivity increases a lot if they change their specific location of work after a certain period of time. That is why; the shared office spaces should have this flexibility. Along with that, the office hours should be according to the workers’ convenience as well.

The Business Center is situated at bti Celebration Point at Gulshan 2, which is a very convenient location for people to avail the services from anywhere around the city. Moreover, the working hours offered by The Business Center is also much fitting.

Access to networking

One of the major reasons for people to choose the shared office spaces is to have the opportunity to network and bond with a number of other professionals. Getting to meet these people help them in enriching their knowledge and getting new ideas and perspectives which in turn increases their productivity. As The Business Center has various kinds of working spaces for various kinds of purposes, it allows the people working in the co-working space to have the privilege to network and bond with a lot of professionals of various sectors.


However, aside from the networking or bonding part, privacy should be a given at any ideal shared office space. This is because people use a shared office space to work and no work can be done amongst a lot of noise or within a lot number of people. Office activities can contain different confidential matters and a private office space is everyone’s priority in this regard. That is why; The Business Center offers a secluded area as the co-working space allowing the people working to have utmost privacy.

The celebrated philanthropist William Clement Stone has once said, “You are the product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective.” The environment can create crucial impacts on the activities done by the professionals and on their productivity. It is even truer for the ones who choose a shared office space to work. Hence, the shared office spaces should be crafted as such so that the professionals can boost up their levels of productivity while working there.