7 Hacks to Use The Co-working Space to The Fullest

co-working space

Undoubtedly, the preference of co-working spaces is exploding. These spaces give freelancers, remote workers, nomads and independent professionals the privilege to network, collaborate, and chat in a proverbial water cooler moment. It’s all about creating a thriving community where everyone is mutually-supportive to each other. So, prioritize community-building and engaging with members rather than doing things at desk using wifi. Who knows! It might land you the next collaboration, get your next client, spark the most inspirational conversation or simply create a new best friend!

Here are some ways to get started. Happy reading!


Get Introduced Yourself

Introduce yourself to other members even though it doesn’t go with your personality. Remember nothing beats the first impression you make to a coworker. It should be in a good & friendly way. Follow some easy tricks-

  • Keep a simple smile while approaching.
  • A hello may take you a long way.
  • Extend your hand first to shake hands & give a gentle squeeze.

Facilitate Group Communication

Connect your members online! There are so many tools including Slack, Facebook group and email group, etc. These could be ways to communicate regularly when you are at or outside the working space.

Host Happy Hours

You may take initiative to host weekly happy hours to give members a casual way to connect. It brings the chance to mingle and talk about their works, lives, and just whatever’s on their mind. So, invite the fellow workers to have a cup of coffee together and share what’s on their plate right at that time. It may likewise spark some new co-working collabs!

Host Fresh Networking Event

Host some networking events to shake things up. It could be breakfast networking, offsite networking or anything. It shouldn’t be boring in any way. So keep a theme of every event. Try to come up with some fresh ideas at the end which will be fruitful for you.

Introduce New Member

Break the ice for new members as being a new one in a co-working space can be a bit hesitating. So, introduce them to other fellow workers.

Involve Others While Making Decisions

In every case, if possible, including weekly happy hours, networking events, or any other thing, count others in decision making.

Create a Photo Gallery

Group photos make a space feel like a home. Create a photo gallery on a wall of the co-working space. Hang the photos of the fellow workers mentioning their name & business/interest. You may add some group photos of the events you together arranged. It will create an attachment amongst you along with the space you are working at and boost up your work speed.