5 Tips to Perk up Your Co-Working Space

The idea of a co-working space is becoming more and more popular day by day. A number of affordable as well as effective shared workplaces are available today which make it easier for people to avoid working at their homes or in any random restaurant.  These kinds of workplaces already offer quite a number of essential amenities and benefits, yet below are some tips which can enliven the co-working spaces even more-

Select the right sort of desk or chair

The desks and chairs which are put in the shared offices should be ideal to be used by any person. This is actually quite significant because the wrong kind of desk having the wrong size or proportion might cause physical discomforts to the people using it and directly affects their productivity. The same thing goes for the chairs. The standard height for office desks is about 30 inches from the floor.

Put a lot of plants

Green plants have proved to create a calming sense of mind and a soothing atmosphere. If you organize the co-working space with a lot of plants it will automatically keep the workers more energetic. It has also been claimed that the creativity of the workers increase by a great amount and their stress levels decrease a lot if there are abundant greeneries around them.

Keep brainstorming booths

Brainstorming welcomes new ideas and perspectives. As co-working spaces are generally used by groups of different people, it is essential that there are separate brainstorming spaces in these shared offices which will allow the team members to inject their own thoughts and opinions with a view to achieving their shared purpose without breaking the concentration of any other team or individual.

Arrange for snacks/coffee

Yes, this is vital too. A hot cup of coffee can always instigate creative and productive ideas and the collaboration among the different members of the teams can develop as well while taking a snack break. That is why; the co-working spaces should have arrangements for plenty of snacks like tea, coffee, fruits, cookies etc.

Design different zones

Not everyone who wants a shared office space must come with a group. There are many people who want this kind of work spaces to work on their own. Because of this reason, it is essential to divide the co-working space into different zones. There ought to be zones for people who want to carry out their activities privately and there should be open and large spaces for bigger teams as well. As mentioned before, some specific spaces are needed to be allotted for the brainstorming process too.

As the world is moving forward, the demands of co-working spaces are increasing profoundly. Although traditional workspaces are still many people’s first choices, the benefits which the shared office spaces can provide are considered as much lucrative to the people of the new era.