Business Development

Furnished Office Spaces are the New Norm

In this rapidly progressive era where the world economy is changing, it has been noted that the office environment has a significant impact on performance and productivity. In this fast-paced world, there has been a rising demand for well-furnished co-working spaces, especially for the young and enthusiastic minds who do not have the convenience or money to opt for private office spaces. Hence, The Business Center by bti provides fully furnished office spaces and other benefits that allow one to work flexibly and independently, enabling you to stay ahead of your business game. 


A Better Option for Entrepreneurs

In this city of hustle and bustle, searching for ready-to-move-in office spaces is a tedious task. If you are someone looking for a well-equipped modern office space, then look nowhere else! The Business Center offers shared office spaces with a bunch of benefits for all sorts of professions. Moreover, we provide service plans such as Manager’s Suite, Executive Suite, Meeting Room, Co-working desks, and much more. Hence, our customized office space allows you to get started with your work from the very beginning of your business.

A serviced office gives you an ample amount of advantages over a traditional office. It is much affordable and cost-effective as you get ready furniture and equipment such as desks, wi-fi, furniture, printers, refreshment facilities, and pretty much everything you need for a professional setting. Moreover, The Business Center also has staff and refreshments for your ease. Hence, you get to invest your vital capital only in your business. All you have to do is pay a certain amount of money, and let us handle the rest! So, the start-ups and entrepreneurs who find it difficult to afford a traditional office can easily use our serviced offices that will be more flexible and convenient for them.


Lucrative for Short Term Rent

Not all sorts of businesses need office space all year round. If you are a seasonal entrepreneur who needs an office for just a portion of the year, then opting for a short-term office will save you a lot of time, money, and hassle. On the other hand, in a traditional workspace, you need to install counters, furniture, all by yourself which is indeed troublesome. Contrarily, if you rent a shared workspace you get everything ready. You can rent a desk for a few hours or an entire suite for a day or even for the whole month – all up to you! Specifically, a co-working space is an ideal option for freelancers and employees who need an office setting for a short span of time, or those who do not like to conform themselves in a typical office setting. Since it is an assortment of employees from different professions, you get to work with like-minded individuals and great scope for networking that paves the way to new business opportunities. Additionally, if you are an entrepreneur, looking for a space just to hold a meeting, presentation, or a seminar, you can undoubtedly opt for our conference and meeting rooms that will be cost-effective and lucrative!

Gone are the days, when you had to rely on traditional offices for the seamless operation of your business. Choosing a furnished office is undoubtedly an ideal option for any professional as it gives a trouble-free process to work, and The Business Center just caters to that. Feel free to contact us if you require The Business Center’s iconic business address, mailing system, trade licence along with our office spaces.