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Workplaces Strategies That Stand The Test of Time

Whether you are conducting office work physically or online, there are workplace etiquettes involved as soon as you step into office hours. If it is a coworking space where you are working with your team, there need to be certain methods in place to ensure maximum productivity and minimum clashes among colleagues. There are no foolproof ways, but rest assured that there are some tried and tested strategies that work well in the workplace to make sure your business runs as smoothly as possible. 


Adopt New Technologies

Covid-19 has given businesses new opportunities to reimagine their workplaces. Choosing a coworking space with updated technology and data-driven work model are what you need to ensure seamless operations. Simply high speed Wifi and fancy gadgets do not make the cut, implementing technology to make business-savvy decisions is what truly matters. Hybrid working has soared in popularity post-Covid, and many employees actually prefer it. A handful of employees may choose to work completely remotely, but most prefer the hybrid model to stay in touch with both their professional and personal lives more efficiently. Create an office plan with business objectives for each team, then decide who gets to work hybrid or fully remotely and how each mode can benefit them. No business goal should hamper employee needs. Coordinate schedules with online tools carefully so that it works with everyone’s interests in place.  


Encourage Collaboration

You should impose policies and procedures that drive teamwork and friendliness among colleagues so that they feel happy working together. This is a more people-centric approach but can also include data-driven approaches. Several apps and online tools are now available that allow teams and groups to communicate with each other even remotely. Networking is so easy now that collaborations can occur in spur-of-the-moment decisions. In-person interactions are just as important for teamwork as remote interactions. This concept should be clear among employees so that there is little room for prejudice. For newer employees there should be increased facilities of workshops, training, and professional development opportunities so that they can familiarize themselves with older colleagues.


Improve Employee Experience

The great resignation in the USA is a sign that a mass number of employees are unhappy with their companies. Covid-19 may have uncovered the true faces of businesses who have long exploited their employees, and as a result many have not returned to their jobs or may have quit them out of disdain. It is high time to shift from the hire-and-fire culture and adopt a more holistic recruitment approach that focuses on the wellbeing of employees and business growth. It is known that employees tend to stay loyal to a workplace that has given them space and opportunity to grow in terms of careers. Reward performers regularly. Even simple compliments and greetings can make someone feel better. Use online survey tools or questionnaires to get more employee insight, and figure out how your workplace can be better!

In short, to make your workplace truly great, you have to use technology and a progressive mindset to nurture teamwork and improve the experience of your employees. Coworking spaces that are optimally designed to encourage teamwork can help. Coworking desks and meeting rooms in The Business Center are available to do exactly that. For training and workshops separate spaces are available.