The Business Center: Where every workplace need is met

In a fast-paced world, with businesses and the nature of works transitioning across the globe, it has become crucial to rethink the spaces where we work to bring out more creativity and innovation. The last decade or so has seen rising demand for co-working spaces among young and enthusiastic individuals and start-ups striving to make a change. Recently, the post-pandemic condition of working in solitude and confinement has pushed many professionals to work as free-lancers. With that in mind, bti brings you The Business Center, with its comfortable, convenient and well-maintained space perfect for working and connecting with people simultaneously.

The Business Center

Located at the prime business location of Gulshan 2, at bti’s Dhaka-based Headquarters Celebration Point, The Business Center is fit for every professional, workplace need. During a time when there is increasing demand for co-working spaces in Dhaka, The Business Center caters to your every need starting from  high quality equipments, good office maintenance and constant management by a qualified, dedicated team.

A space to generate ideas

An ideal place for brainstorming and idea generation should be clutter-free and a communal workspace. Imagine what a perfect space it would be with top-notch technical and logistical support and all the coziness you can ask for. The Business Center provides you with just that. We have the Start-Up Suite, a space to gather with 3-4 of your colleagues and work on your innovative ideas together. The Start-Up Suite is the perfect place to craft a new entrepreneur’s creativity and give it purpose, being able to comfortably engage with your team members.

A space with all sorts of facilities

A combination of well-designed work space and comfortable environment will always lead to well-curated work experience for everyone. TBC’s Co-Working space brings to you a lush lounge that is both spacious and cost-effective, which means you can pay by the hour as per your convenience. The Private Work Station and the Self Office Suite is also a great option for free-lancers who would like to work for long hours in their own workstation without any distractions. The Self-Office in fact comes with a meeting room that one can avail on an hourly or weekly basis or even get a membership for several months. For senior officers, our fully-furnished Executive Suite is ideal and for a bigger team, the Business and Manager Suites are also very accommodating. Beyond daily work activities like meetings etc., TBC offers spaces to hold seminars, trainings and conferences.  Whether it’s a pitch or presentation, launching event or any other program all sorts of technical facilities are available on request. On the same floor is “On The Go” café that will cater to your coffee cravings along with delicious snacks anytime!

A space to make connections and innovate

Nothing gives the feeling of being a part of a working community more than co-working spaces. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of working in a co-working space is being in close proximity with other professionals and building great connections and maintaining that network with them. This stretches the opportunity to make newer collaborations and/or get their experts’ opinion from their respective fields and hence a more productive outcome of work. In The Business Center’s shared space with fully-furnished and well-designed work stations, you have the perfect opportunity to work together and mingle.

Why opt for a co-working space?

A newly set-up initiative can always benefit from a boost at the work environment. Co-working spaces can be a great way to gain trajectory for start-ups, remote employees, freelancers, small to medium businesses etc. At The Business Center, we maintain constant up-gradation of facilities to provide you with the perfect co-sharing space for a group or individual. Needless to say, working here can mean that you are alleviating your financial burdens of putting up with a permanent workplace and with our rates, it is even easier to manage. Our location is very convenient and at a central point in Gulshan 2, making it very convenient to go in and out and coordinate meetings with people coming in from various locations.

With a wide range of options starting from what you particularly need in your work place in your own place and within a reasonable price, The Business Center brings an A game to rethinking work place as a co-habitable work space.