Co-working Etiquettes: To Do or Not to Do

Co-working Etiquettes

Co-working is the revered answer to the prayers of startup businesses and independent professionals. The ever-changing job market and the advent of new technologies along with the emergence of a synergetic world market have brought forth the existence of co-working spaces. These spaces provide the same amenities one would find in a traditional office, only these are neutral establishments for people to work on different projects and endeavors while foregoing owning an actual office of their own. This is a cost-effective solution that offers convenience through the use of common infrastructure, such as- equipment, utilities, receptionist and custodial services. For freelancers and other independent professionals, co-working spaces have become increasingly popular especially during work from home situations to stave off isolation and boost productivity.

Since Co-working entails working with other individuals in the same space who are also independent and pursuing individual objectives, contributing to the creation of the right environment that is unanimously peaceful to all is essential. A shared workspace relies on a code of conduct that can be either understood or clearly laid out. However, respecting co-working space culture and maintaining the etiquettes requires adhering to the following:

Respect Boundaries

Mind the space bubble of not only yourself but also of others. This covers a wide range of matters, including physical space and interaction limits. It is basic sense to properly manage desk belongings and spread-out space so that the person sitting next to does not get bothered. Additionally, if someone is wearing headphones while working then they clearly do not wish to be disturbed by being unnecessarily called out or being barraged with loud phone conversations on the phone. Desks are shared and undesignated, and perusing office supplies or going through an accidentally stumbled upon document belonging to another is absolutely out of bounds. During pandemic situations, individuals should never take off their masks, even for brief moments, to ensure zero infection to co-workers.

Minimum Noise Levels

Having a quiet, peaceful environment at work is quintessential to everyone. Disrupting the quiet environment of a co-working space with loud ringtones, conversations, etc. is annoying to everyone. If a group discussion or meeting is being held, be mindful to use dedicated spaces for such or at least keep noise to the minimum levels so as not to disrupt the work process of others.

Keep to Schedule

A rented space does not only mean that it belongs to an individual for a certain amount of time but also signifies that others are waiting to use the same facilities. Do not override a pre-booked schedule or hold up space. Time management is crucial to prevent delaying the plans of a fellow co-worker.

No Trace Clean Up

This is one of the most important etiquettes. Cleaning up after work is done should be meticulous and spotless. The previous user should leave no traces of having used the space for the next user. It is a touch of mindfulness to sanitize work surfaces after work completion as well as before.

No Borrow Policy

Co-working individuals should always bring their supplies and refrain from borrowing. On the off-chance that one needs to borrow an object, be mindful to replace or replenish accordingly.

Mind the Scents

As co-working spaces often accommodate many in a small space in an air-conditioned area, scents can overwhelm its occupants. Strong perfumes, body odors, food smell can not only bother co-workers but also remain trapped inside the space for hours.

Co-working spaces are an ingenious solution to modern working protocols. Being conscientious of others will create an atmosphere of peace and heightened productivity. Establishing a courteous co-working space etiquette will motivate all users to adhere to the same.